Walter Kooren wants to Plays Pickleball

Playing piano is a dream of lots of individuals. Everyone wants to play sweet beats that can impress the audience and their day special. For it, the interested ones need to take help from an experienced pianist. An experienced one can provide them good lessons. Walter Kooren is one of the best pianists. He provides some important tips by which an individual can easily learn to play the piano.

With all these things, Walter Kooren is also interested in playing outside sports. They spend their free time by playing the Pickleball. It can help them in maintaining good health and making lots of things easier. Pickleball is a great sport in which the players need to use their whole body and do some moves like dinking and making strategies to win the game .


It is highly similar to some other sports such as – tennis. For enjoying the sport, the interested ones are required to use best lighweight pickleball paddles and balls. Playing such a sport can provide entertainment at a big level. This is the biggest reason that’s why Walter Kooren considers its way.

Some piano tips

If you are one of the individuals those want to learn how to play piano, then you can get knowledge about some basic tips. Following tips are given by the Walter Kooren.

Be goal oriented

When it comes to develop some specific skills or learning something new, then the goal is becoming most important element. In case your goals are not fixed then you cannot get success in the selected path. Goals help you by providing motivation and encouragement for the hard work.

Keep mind free

According to Walter Kooren, the piano learners need to keep their mind free and avoid the stress creating elements. It can be learned effectively with fun only.

Keep patience

Some students are trying to complete all the lessons quickly. In this particular way, they are trying to become a master in a short time period. These things never become possible until you do not learn each & everything perfectly. You should keep patience and learn the lesson at a slow speed. It can help you in getting that how to play the piano in a perfect manner.

Be a good listener

Before start playing piano at higher levels or feel that you are an expert, you should listen to famous pianists. Here you can choose Walter Kooren. By listening to his performance, the students can know that what the actual outputs are. After that, you start putting efforts and do hard work for getting the better outputs.

Take break

For becoming a good pianist, it should not be compulsory to play regularly. Sometimes, you need to take a break and provide rest to the brain and fingers. With it, the students need to do practice or play piano regularly by following a proper schedule such as – start with fundamentals and then higher lessons.

Final words

These are some major tips mentioned by Walter Kooren for becoming a successful pianist. According to him, practice is everything. In case you stop practicing then your skills start getting fade.