Music has great powers as it can relax, entertain and motivate you

Even if the sound vibrations are picked up by the ear, they do not stop there. They go through the cerebral cortex and cause emotional effects. An individual can express himself with the help of music and it’s like a non verbal language. It is easily seen in adolescents who identify with the style “pop” or “rock”. In this way, he brings out his explosive or rebellious temperament. The music becomes therapeutic when it serves as a medium so that the emotions difficult to express can be released. For me, music is always most beneficial during difficult passages in my life. My guitar has always been a faithful companion and a friend to whom I can confide everything singing.

More and more, music is used as medicine

Its reputation is well established in some countries, and it has taken its place in Quebec in recent years. This method of intervention is called music therapy. Musical works are not perceived by everyone in the same way. If in the compositions we can find certain “consonances” which allow us to classify them as relaxing or motivating music, each individual will react in a specific way according to his personality and his temperament. For music therapy, the choice of music according to rhythm, tone and musical complexity is essential.

The statistical study done on music

“Since the work done by J. Jost and E. Lecourt to complete the statistical studies previously done in the USA, it is proved that a musical hearing can determine a change in the existing emotional state or reinforce that emotional state. The affective responses to a musical work are the result of several factors the temperament of the individual, his education, the socio cultural context, and of course, the choice of the work itself as well as its interpretation. The level of intensity of affective reactions varies with subjects. A very high level of intensity, during the musical receptivity test, makes it possible to detect the pathological cases. An always identical reaction, whatever the type of work proposed, is often the sign of deep anxiety.”

Music can always help you relax and lighten the bad mood

Whether you have had a difficult day or have become a stress ball on the eve of an exam, the music will help you. Indeed, it has the power to de stress and reduces anxiety and tension. In addition, it can also calm you if you are angry or just in a bad mood. Why? Because the music acts on our body and increases the production of hormones that promote happiness, while eliminating the hormones related to stress. As for the type of music to listen to de stress, it will be up to you to determine it. You do not have to listen to classical music! The only rule is to listen to music that you like. Music that makes your teeth cringe cannot relax your tensions. On the contrary, it will certainly make them worse! Need some motivation for your check out Piano For All Review, Which will help you in long run.