Apart from the numerous advantages music also helps us to sleep better

Music can help you fall asleep. In this case, the choice of music is more limited. Not surprisingly, it’s better to choose a relaxing music rather than a music that will make you wants to dance until the end of the night! According to a study by scientists, soft music would be preferred. Indeed, it induces a state of meditation in our brain, which makes falling asleep much easier. But on top of that, music also influences the quality of our sleep. Thus, listening to music before sleep should make you sleep better and avoid frequent awakenings throughout the night. You can then enjoy a real night’s rest!

It encourages and motivates

Music plays an important role as a motivator at the dawn of a test. This is why, for example, national anthems and other music resound in football stadiums during matches. It’s also often the one that helps us get on with it when we have to clean up. And in wartime, it was also used to encourage soldiers before a battle. In the field of sport, music also helps us to excel and improve our performance. A study by researchers at the University of Liverpool has also noted that, by doing the exercise bike, we tend to pedal faster when the pace of music is faster. This is also the case when we run the faster music makes us run faster, but we do not realize it.

It helps to learn and improves memory

One of the best known has been conducted by American researchers in California. They asked around fifty children aged 3 to 4, divided into 3 groups, to take specific classes for 8 months. The first group was to take singing and piano lessons, the second group was taking computer courses and the third group was not taking any classes. At the end of the 8 months, all the children had to pass several tests, including space recognition tests. As a result, the group of children who took music lessons scored 31% higher than other groups.

In addition to helping to learn, music also has beneficial effects on our memory

This is what researchers from Pennsylvania have shown that are interested in Alzheimer’s patients. In this case, about sixty patients were divided into three groups. The first group had to perform activities to the sound of music, while the other two had to do other activities without music. Result after six months, the memory of patients in the first group was much better than that of the other patients, and they also felt happier. In our daily life, the effect of music on our memory can be easily perceived you probably remember at least one song that your teacher was singing at school to remind you of certain things, such as colors or rules grammatical? And if that’s not the case, there’s no doubt that you are sometimes surprised to remember the lyrics of a song you were listening to over 10 years ago!

It helps to relieve pain

According to one study, people with chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis or pain in the spine, see their pain decrease by up to 21% if they listen to music for at least an hour a day. This could be due to the simple perception of pain or a real relaxation of the muscles caused by the music.

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Music has great powers as it can relax, entertain and motivate you

Even if the sound vibrations are picked up by the ear, they do not stop there. They go through the cerebral cortex and cause emotional effects. An individual can express himself with the help of music and it’s like a non verbal language. It is easily seen in adolescents who identify with the style “pop” or “rock”. In this way, he brings out his explosive or rebellious temperament. The music becomes therapeutic when it serves as a medium so that the emotions difficult to express can be released. For me, music is always most beneficial during difficult passages in my life. My guitar has always been a faithful companion and a friend to whom I can confide everything singing.

More and more, music is used as medicine

Its reputation is well established in some countries, and it has taken its place in Quebec in recent years. This method of intervention is called music therapy. Musical works are not perceived by everyone in the same way. If in the compositions we can find certain “consonances” which allow us to classify them as relaxing or motivating music, each individual will react in a specific way according to his personality and his temperament. For music therapy, the choice of music according to rhythm, tone and musical complexity is essential.

The statistical study done on music

“Since the work done by J. Jost and E. Lecourt to complete the statistical studies previously done in the USA, it is proved that a musical hearing can determine a change in the existing emotional state or reinforce that emotional state. The affective responses to a musical work are the result of several factors the temperament of the individual, his education, the socio cultural context, and of course, the choice of the work itself as well as its interpretation. The level of intensity of affective reactions varies with subjects. A very high level of intensity, during the musical receptivity test, makes it possible to detect the pathological cases. An always identical reaction, whatever the type of work proposed, is often the sign of deep anxiety.”

Music can always help you relax and lighten the bad mood

Whether you have had a difficult day or have become a stress ball on the eve of an exam, the music will help you. Indeed, it has the power to de stress and reduces anxiety and tension. In addition, it can also calm you if you are angry or just in a bad mood. Why? Because the music acts on our body and increases the production of hormones that promote happiness, while eliminating the hormones related to stress. As for the type of music to listen to de stress, it will be up to you to determine it. You do not have to listen to classical music! The only rule is to listen to music that you like. Music that makes your teeth cringe cannot relax your tensions. On the contrary, it will certainly make them worse! Need some motivation for your check out Piano For All Review, Which will help you in long run.

Walter Kooren wants to Plays Pickleball

Playing piano is a dream of lots of individuals. Everyone wants to play sweet beats that can impress the audience and their day special. For it, the interested ones need to take help from an experienced pianist. An experienced one can provide them good lessons. Walter Kooren is one of the best pianists. He provides some important tips by which an individual can easily learn to play the piano.

With all these things, Walter Kooren is also interested in playing outside sports. They spend their free time by playing the Pickleball. It can help them in maintaining good health and making lots of things easier. Pickleball is a great sport in which the players need to use their whole body and do some moves like dinking and making strategies to win the game .


It is highly similar to some other sports such as – tennis. For enjoying the sport, the interested ones are required to use best lighweight pickleball paddles and balls. Playing such a sport can provide entertainment at a big level. This is the biggest reason that’s why Walter Kooren considers its way.

Some piano tips

If you are one of the individuals those want to learn how to play piano, then you can get knowledge about some basic tips. Following tips are given by the Walter Kooren.

Be goal oriented

When it comes to develop some specific skills or learning something new, then the goal is becoming most important element. In case your goals are not fixed then you cannot get success in the selected path. Goals help you by providing motivation and encouragement for the hard work.

Keep mind free

According to Walter Kooren, the piano learners need to keep their mind free and avoid the stress creating elements. It can be learned effectively with fun only.

Keep patience

Some students are trying to complete all the lessons quickly. In this particular way, they are trying to become a master in a short time period. These things never become possible until you do not learn each & everything perfectly. You should keep patience and learn the lesson at a slow speed. It can help you in getting that how to play the piano in a perfect manner.

Be a good listener

Before start playing piano at higher levels or feel that you are an expert, you should listen to famous pianists. Here you can choose Walter Kooren. By listening to his performance, the students can know that what the actual outputs are. After that, you start putting efforts and do hard work for getting the better outputs.

Take break

For becoming a good pianist, it should not be compulsory to play regularly. Sometimes, you need to take a break and provide rest to the brain and fingers. With it, the students need to do practice or play piano regularly by following a proper schedule such as – start with fundamentals and then higher lessons.

Final words

These are some major tips mentioned by Walter Kooren for becoming a successful pianist. According to him, practice is everything. In case you stop practicing then your skills start getting fade.

Benefits of Playing Piano

Are you intrigued in figuring out how to begin a piano instruction enterprise? It might be an extremely rewarding experience if you love music in addition to enjoy working with others. Giving the present of music is something which benefits individuals in lots of ways. It does not matter if they’re the one playing it or someone that’s listening to them do so. Think about what you would like to gain from the experience. Are you seeking a way to make a complete time occupation or some extra money? This may ascertain how long you will put in the lessons. 

a pianist in a hollywood movie

It’ll also determine the number of pupils you can logically manage at any given time. A hour is typically a good time period to make some progress. Don’t permit the number of additional individuals interested on your piano lessons let you take greater than you can reasonably manage. If you do it is not going to be fair for you or for your pupils. You’d like to be able to dedicate to them completely when they understand from you. They won’t enjoy it and you’ll be frazzled with your company rather than really enjoying placing your piano abilities to good use. 

Getting the message out of your piano classes is essential. This is the way interested parties will contact you. This way you will not be continually getting telephone calls about it. Several matters to include on your marketing is the program you will utilize, the cost, not to mention your private credentials that earn you a fantastic candidate to teach piano. If you’re restricting the piano lessons to a certain age group than ensure you include that info as well. One facet of how to begin a piano teaching activity is to plan your time wisely. If you already possess plenty of organizational skills then you’ve quite an advantage. 

Random Fact:

Hollywood is always known to be obsessed with the forms of music, and a lot of Hollywood Movies embraces the art of piano as the main focus of the movie, where either the hero or the villain is a pianist.

You’ll need to be capable to track what’s owed for that the lessons, that the progress of every student, and once lessons are to take place. This could be a fun enterprise that makes you money simply by teaching others something you’re very enthusiastic about. You should be open to that the attitude and character of every student as well. Having the ability to tweak your interactions along with them based on these qualities is very important. For instance you can have one pupil that needs constant praise to be able to build up their confidence. Be willing to modify your teaching program also works right for each student. 

You’ll find that there’s no fixed structure that works right for each student. They also need to be capable methods to their level of abilities too very own pace. Some students might methods to their level of abilities too. Be willing to adapt your teaching in order that they are not frustrated throughout the process.

Voor sfeervolle muzikale omlijsting

Bent u op zoek naar een pianist die uw speciale gelegenheid dat éxtra beetje geeft?

Neem dan contact op met Walter Kooren, Pianist.

Uw diner, receptie, bedrijfsdag, of informele borrel krijgt meer sfeer met de pianomuziek die Walter uit de toetsten tovert. Ballads, evergreens, standards, klassiekers uit de popmuziek, noemt u maar op, het repertoire is te uitgebreid om hier volledig te beschrijven. Ook speciale verzoeken kunnen worden verzorgd.

Walter Kooren, geboren 29 juni 1960 te Breda, begon op 8-jarige leeftijd met het volgen van orgellessen. Na lessen van o.a. Jan Bonefaas (Gorinchem) en Ben van Oosten (Den Haag) werd hij toegelaten tot het Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam.

Na enige tijd besloot Walter het orgel te laten voor wat het was en zich volledig te richten op het pianospel.
Behalve als solist heeft hij ook in bands van diverse pluimage gespeeld. Tegenwoordig speelt hij alleen nog als gastmuzikant bij verschillende bands.

Nu, 30 jaar na de overstap van orgel naar piano, is hij een allround pianist met een zeer uitgebreid repertoire, vooral geschikt voor diners, recepties, bedrijfsfeesten en andere bijeenkomsten.